Pool enclosure

Guide rails

ALUABRI has two types of rails:
- Super Comfort guide rails 15 or 18 mm. This type of rails allows you to comfortably stand and walk on them even for a small child. Also it is completely has no visible fasteners to the floor.
- Infinity guide rails are only 3 mm high patented by ALUABRI. Best for installation on the wooden terrace decking. The rails are part of the floor structure. Therefore, their installation should be provided at the design stage. Absolutely safe for feet.It doesn't not create obstacles. The hole between the guides is only 7 mm, which prevents injuries even for small children.
The optimal size of the area behind the pool for the shift of the cover is 2.5 meters

- The ends of the rail are closed with safety polyurethane plugs
- End caps of the rail do not interfere with the drainage of rainwater
- The rails do not have visible fastening - everything is closed with a decorative aluminum cover


Super Comfort - 15 mm
Infinity guide rails - 3 mm
Infinity guide rails - 3 mm
Infinity guide rails - 3 mm
Infinity guide rails - 3 mm
Cascade rails
Full length rails
Lengthening rail for sliding
cover per pool (2.5 m)
Extension rail for passage
around the pool (3.5 m)
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