Infinity rails


The engineers of the ALUABRI pool enclosures factory have developed the new lowest rail in the world, INFINITY.
The patented INFINITY rail system allows provides a maximum safety.The height of the rail is only 3 mm, and the structural gap between the guides is 7 mm, which is an absolutely safe system even for the little fingers of your children. The rail is part of the floor structure. You need to think about its installation even before decorating the recreation area around the pool.
The optimal size of the area behind the pool for the shift of the cover is 2.5 meters.

INFINITY rails is the revolutionary rail system in pool enclosures:
- Smooth, flat and non-slippery surface
- The maximum height of the rails is 3 mm above the level
- The rails do not have visible fastening - everything is closed with a decorative aluminum cover

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INFINITY 3mm rails
Lowest rails in the world 3 mm and pool enclosure Premier
A unique for the Premier pool enclosure
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