Pool enclosure polycarbonate


For our pool enclosures we use polycarbonate MARLON (manufactured in Great Britain) (www.brettmartin.com) with UV protection and 10 year warranty:
- cellular 8 mm
- solid 4-6 mm
In the construction of pool enclosures we use cellular and solid polycarbonate also it can be combined.
For added safety of children, it is advisable to install solid polycarbonate in the walls of the pavilion, through which you can observe the space inside the pavilion.
       In ALUABRI pool enclosures to protect against mold and fungus inside the cells of cellular polycarbonate the ends are glued with a special AntiDUST protective film (www.antidusttape.com).

- Protection of the ends of cellular polycarbonate from mold
- Polycarbonate from the famous European brand MARLON, made from primary raw materials
- Thermal bending of solid polycarbonate


Cellular polycarbonate
Solid polycarbonate
Bended solid polycarbonate
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